Hummingbirds are ambassadors that love to be involved in the hands on work we do. Here's a few highlights:

⭐️ Up to $25 in monthly bonuses

⭐️ Up to 30% commission on approved orders 

⭐️ Ambassador link & discount code

⭐️ Forever clientele

⭐️ Wellness Benefits 


When you meet monthly goals you can receive up to an additional $25 on top of your non-capped commission potential. Receive up to 30% in commission and 25% off on all of your personal orders as an active member. Provide your discount code to potential customers for additional sales tracking. Once they checkout with your link or code you'll receive commission on all of their future purchases as well!

We have also implemented a new Commitment to Wellness Policy. This policy provides wellness benefits and herbal care to the active ambassador in the form of increased discounts on personal orders, a personalized wellness protocol, monthly wellness check ins, and discounts on wellness packages.

Starter Kits consist of your choice of 4 products and your shirt order. Starter Kits are available at 40% off regular price.

To become a Hummingbird

  1. Follow us on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook
  2. Complete the Hummingbird Application
  3. Schedule your interview
  4. Sign up for your ambassador account
  5. Purchase your starter kit