Qiana Sweet

My journey started out as an experiment with my hair and ended with a solution for managing my eczema and overall wellness. In 2016 I found myself with an eczema flare, which I hadn't experienced since childhood. I had already been doing research on how to make natural hair products so I applied that knowledge to making a whipped shea butter for my eczema and saw the inflammation decrease and the eczema go away all together.

Later that same year I was faced with another flare and used topical steroids as a way to calm the area for continued effectiveness of my herbal butter. When I stopped using the topical steroid my flare became much worse. I couldn't figure out how to make the eczema go away, let alone stop itching. I was 21 years old back then.

My first healing experience with herbs has since inspired me to lead a more holistic lifestyle. The journey so far has been extremely transformative to say the least! I feel the healthiest I've ever felt and I make conscious choices in regards to my diet and skin care regimen. I've gained a deeper level of self-awareness, which also allowed me to identify emotional and physical triggers in my eczema flare. I studied herbs more and more and created more skin remedies. I shifted my mindset to create more happy days and less meh days.

In 2018 I opened XO Tigerlily with a few items for the skin and hair. I've been fortunate enough to be able to grow this business to include resources and wellness items to help others take care of themselves and lead healthier lifestyles. I've seen disease touch so many of my family and want to encourage others to use herbs as a way to support their bodies. In July of 2022 I decided to open a private herbal practice so that I could help others on their wellness journey and be of service to my community, the XO Tigerlily Virtual Wellness Center.

I'm called to heal. I'm a Naturopathic Herbalist, Holistic Skincare Specialist, Mindset & Wellness Coach, and Herbal Formulator.