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So you want to be an influencer?

We’re hiring brand ambassadors! Our active ambassadors earn tiered commission rates up to 30%. They also have access to wellness benefits that give them a higher discount on our products to help keep them healthy. 

Go the distance and build a team! Help others get their start in the influencer world alongside you and bring on up to 4 downlines.

As a brand ambassador for XO Tigerlily, you would be promoting a range of products and services related to health and wellness. Our primary goal as a Holistic Wellness Company is to bridge the gap between where the client is and their wellness goals. We carry handmade skincare products, formulated from organic herbs, as well as carefully formulated herbal teas and capsules. In addition to the aforementioned products, we also have the Tigerlily Academy where we offer eBooks and online courses to support the growth of our community and fellow botanical business owners.

Email us at with your questions and to receive an application!

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