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More than Skin Deep

I often get compliments on my skin - it’s clear, I’m glowing, etc. Which is usually followed by possibly the hottest topic, “What do you do?” 

I could tell you my entire routine and teach you how to properly care for your skin at the most basic level. The only problem is that’s only part of the regimen. The health of our skin starts with the nutrients we consume. If our diets consist of excess sugar it shows up in the body as acne breakouts and other health issues. When our diets are balanced and consist of a variety of produce (fruits and vegetables) then we are less likely to have many breakouts or health issues. 

My skin care regimen is deeper than what goes on my skin. What goes inside my body is equally important. On this blog you’ll learn more about the skin, how it functions, and how you can use botanical products for a flawless glow. 

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