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3 Myths You Probably Believe About Changing Your Lifestyle

1. It takes a long time.

While making healthy choices to make massive changes in your life can take some time, the truth is it takes the longest because we procrastinate. If we stick to our goals and commit to ourselves, the journey isn’t actually that long. Remember that your journey is life long, and that you’ll also be making these choices to benefit yourself long term. Engulf yourself in the joy of the journey and the path will always be a delight.

Journal Prompt: What are your top 3 health goals? Think about what it would mean to yourself to achieve these goals. How would your body feel every day once you’ve made these changes? Visualize what your life is like 6 months to a year from now - use this as your motivation to create the life you want.

2. It costs too much money.

The cost is never too high when our health and peace of mind is involved. We are often unwilling to exchange our bad habits for healthy habits because we are attached to the current level of happiness they bring - completely unaware that in this case the grass is always greener on the other side. When you make the decision to swap out your unhealthy purchases and activities for healthy alternatives you immediately free up time and energy to do things that ultimately benefit your body.

Journal Prompt: List 3 unhealthy foods and activities you enjoy the most and how they make you feel when you indulge. List the downsides of each of these things when you continue to do them long term. These downsides may range from creating an unhealthy environment in the body, which costs you more money in the long run, or even taking you further away from your goals and the person you want to be. Next list healthy alternatives to each item that makes you happy. How will these changes benefit you and drive you closer towards your goals?

3. I have all the time in the world.

We only live once, and when we operate on the idea that we have a lot of time left we often find ourselves waiting until it’s pretty late in the game. It’s a lot easier to care for our bodies by doing preventative care instead of waiting until we are sick and achy to do reactive care. Our unhealthy choices create time limits in our life, whereas healthy alternatives can give us the life we so deeply desire AND deserve. By choosing the unhealthy we limit our life experiences because we have to use a lot of that time to care for our bodies and nurse ourselves back to health. By choosing our health FIRST we create more time to experience life and enjoy doing the things that bring us true fulfillment.

Journal Prompt: Evaluate where you spend most of your time and how you can make changes that fuel your journey to becoming a better person. By looking at the tradeoffs you will begin to understand how you can create more time. For example, binge watching your favorite shows every evening after work is costing you your time. With that time you could be building your business, creating connections in your network, reading books to develop your mind, or spending time in the gym to maintain a healthy body. Binging also keeps us sedentary and keeps us from expanding our minds. In what ways are you willing to trade some of your time to better yourself and meet your goals?

If you need help with setting your lifestyle goals and maintaining accountability to become your greatest self I’d love to support you. Message me or book a free call with me and learn more about my Virtual Wellness Center.

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