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Topical Steroid Withdrawal Part 2

The last time I used steroids was during the fall of 2016 when my eczema initially began to flare up. I strongly believe my eczema flare was jump started by the environment of my new workplace and has since then continued because of ongoing stress. My body has healed tremendously over the last few months with diligent use of natural remedies and leading a holistic lifestyle. Here are some tips that helped me along the way.

  1. Sometimes you need to soak as opposed to solely showering. I shower for the majority of my bathing, but I found that soaking in a variety of herbs or in my Herbal Milk Bath helped to soothe the inflammation and soften my skin to prepare for moisturizing after a bath. You can find these items in my Bath Collection. Be sure to moisturize while your skin is still damp for bet results!
  2. Consuming life is the key. Water is life. Plants are life. Consuming herbal infusions on a daily basis helped me do the inner work to receive outer results. When consuming herbal infusions you're also increasing your water intake, which will help your body maintain it's moisture. Certain herbs and ingredients can help your tissue remain moisturized and reduce inflammation, such as peppermint, nettle, oatstraw, and oats. You can browse my Apothecary here. Consider increasing the amount of fruits and veggies you eat daily, as their water content can also help with hydration.
  3. Learn your triggers. When I'm in high stress situations, the eczema patch on my wrist goes into an itching frenzy. It's also a sign of my skin drying out from excessive hand washing and/or not being hydrated. When I fall out of my routine, my arms begin to feel harder and itch more. I also scratch in my sleep more often.

Sometimes we have to do thing we aren't fond of in order to get the results we desire. Sometimes we have to acquire the taste of things our body needs in order to gain health. Above all else, listen to your body. Your body will never steer you wrong. It may tell you what it wants but it will also tell you what it needs. Your body is your best friend. cravings are normal. Breakouts during TSW are normal. Itching and changes in the skin are normal. And most importantly YOU are NORMAL! Your skin is beautiful just like you. Use whatever skin condition you have as a reason to love on yourself even more; and to love yourself deeply.

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