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Benefits of Facial Steaming

As steaming has become more popular over the last few years I wanted to share my personal experiences with facial steaming. Facial steaming has helped me clear up acne, halt breakouts, and keep my skin feeling fresh. 

My first step into facial steaming began with the creation of my Wild Flower 2-in-1 Cleanser. On days that I didn’t use my face cleanser, I used my oil cleanser. The oil cleanser I created also helps treat acne and inflammation, much like the Wild Flower 2-in-1 Cleanser. I created an anti-inflammatory herbal blend that I use in my face steamer and noticed results within days. Check out the benefits of facial steaming below:

1. Promotes circulation

Heat gets things moving and the blood in our face is no different! When you improve the circulation in your face, your skin produces collagen better. Gentle steaming helps facilitate cleansing as well, leading us to the next benefit —

2. Cleanses by opening up the pores and releasing acne causing bacteria

When combining facial steaming with oil cleansing, I always massage the oil into my face in circular motions. Not only is it relaxing, but this facial massage allows the oil to work deeper into your pores. Once the oil has dipped into your pores, the steam helps lift the dirt out.

3. Reduces sinus congestion

If your nose is feeling stuffy or you have a sinus infection, steaming can help open up those nasal passages too! Herbs like peppermint and eucalyptus work well on the respiratory tract. If you're steaming with peppermint I would recommend using a small amount; the cooling affect is similar to somebody constantly blowing in your eyes (how many times can you blink in 30 seconds?)

4. Helps skin absorb products and promotes collagen

With all that gunk and bacteria out of your pores, the herbs in your steam are able to penetrate the skin better and the oil cleanser is able to treat your skin better too! When collagen production is increased, your skin looks full and you have minimal wrinkles (talk about a semi-fountain-of-youth!)

5. Hydrates the skin

One of my favorite benefits is the hydration! When your skin is properly hydrated, it produces the right amount of sebum on its own. Even if you have oily skin, I would give oil cleansing a try. Many times our skin is over oily because it's dry. When they skin remains moisturized, sebum levels are controlled. If you use products that strip the skin of its natural oils you'll find that your skin goes into hyperdrive trying to compensate for the lack of oil.

Whether you need a deep clean and treatment, or a little self-care, one thing's for sure - your skin will love you for facial steaming. I always say listen to your body when it comes to treating and caring for your skin. Improving my care routine in general has helped me maintain softer skin and control my breakouts (hormonal acne included). Here are a few indicators that it's time for a steam:

1. Your face feels very dry between washes, even after moisturizing

2. Your breakouts are worse than usual

3. Your face feels dry during a wash with your usual cleanser

For clearer and smoother skin you should always drink plenty of water. My rule of thumb is for every drink that's not water, or water-based, drink the same amount in water to help stay hydrated.

Be on the lookout for the Wild Flower Face Care Kit to be released later this year! You'll have everything you need for cleansing, steaming, and treating!


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